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I am an Idea Architect.

As a creative person, you hold onto a secret. This secret is an idea you would love to build, but can't figure out how to bring it to reality. Be it your memoir, your short film, your Ted Talk, or your new business, RobinHood Ink helps you make that dream come true which allows you to earn increased income, as well as create an incredible impact.

RobinHood Ink has partnered with speakers, writers, non-profit organizations, and businesses to help them create innovative media such as films, books, articles, marketing materials, websites, and full-on advertising campaigns. Let's join together to design your blueprints that will build your world-changing ideas and transform your future audiences.

To see examples of how my clients and I have pushed through their boundaries, check out the case studies on the right.

  • Eskimo

    Understanding and Surviving
  • Erik Wahl

    Revolutionary Experiences Inc.
  • Josh Shipp

    Messages That Matter

I am a Writer.

Honest writing is knowing when to write a nine-page advertisement versus a simple and clear two-word tag. Steve Jobs taught us this when his overwritten advertisement for a new computer failed miserably, but years later his “Think Different” campaign completely changed the world we live in.

The words you choose to explain your organization or your product should be simple and clear. Those words you choose can move us, make us stand up, donate our money, start fights, end fights, and even die. Selecting words for your magazine articles, books, websites, advertising campaigns, and blog posts is no different. When each word, no matter the subject, is filled with movement and passion, it becomes the evidence we need to truly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

You shouldn’t have to “make do” with the words you choose. You, as well as your clients, deserve to fall in love with those words. RobinHood Ink "thinks differently" when partnering with you to tell your stories.

To see examples of how my clients and I have pushed through their writing struggles, check out my case studies on the right.

  • Personal Writing

    Books, Blogs, & Articles
  • Ghostwriting

    Need help with that?
  • Online Writing

    Wireframes & Websites


The Work of David V. Wenzel

David V. Wenzel has Southern blood, was raised in Europe, grew up a corn-fed Nebraska boy, and now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and three daughters. After growing up wanting to be (in order): a knight, a fighter pilot, a comedian, a doctor, and an advertiser, David has finally found his perfect job: an Idea Architect.

Often times people ask if I'm a "consultant," but I always say no. "Consultant" is just a boring word I use to avoid lengthy conversations on flights. A true Idea Architect helps you build a better story; be it through your films, books, public talks, websites, commercials, social media, or long-term campaigns.

David has worked alongside Marcus Buckingham (Trombone Player Wanted), Rob Bell (NOOMA), Francis Chan (Basic), Donald Miller (StoryBrand), Erik Wahl (The Art of Vision), Josh Shipp, Tim Keller (The Prodigal God), Coach Eric Hehman (Malone Football), Francis Chan (Basic), Trans World Radio, World Vision, Compassion International, and AUXILIARY Advertising & Design.

Sometimes changing the words of an idea can make all the difference. Let RobinHood Ink help you blueprint those new ideas.

Feel free to connect through social media or send an email.

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“A man must cling to the belief that the incomprehensible is comprehensible; otherwise he would not try to fathom it.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Maxims and Reflections



“A man must cling to the belief that the incomprehensible is comprehensible; otherwise he would not try to fathom it.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Maxims and Reflections






“Wouldn’t it be great if at difficult times in our lives we were able to turn to younger versions of ourselves and ask them for help? For example, you’re frightened of something now because you’ve learned from past experience that there are good reasons to be scared. So you turn inward and ask 27 year old you to take over now. Because at 27, you were afraid of little in life (for better or worse). 27 year old you had a sureness and confidence that for many reasons you lost along the way to today. Or you meet someone wonderful, but in the past you’ve been hurt so many times that you’re wary and cynical of love and becoming involved again. But 19 year old you wasn’t; they believed fully in the magic and infinite possibilities of new love in a way you haven’t for years. If you’ve lived a long enough time, you have been many people, both strong and weak. Somewhere in our being those people must still exist. Many of them were optimistic, bulletproof, trusting, or stone-cold sure of what they were doing. They sincerely believed life’s possibilities were limitless and user-friendly. Scared, confused, depressed, cynical, apathetic—whatever negative frame of mind you might be in now, there *were* times in life when you were just the opposite. How great it would be if we could turn to those other versions of our self and say you can handle this situation better than me. Please take the wheel now and drive this rough part of life’s road.”



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